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Not pink and frilly please……..

August 31, 2009


> Looks like we’re not the only ones whipping up beer cocktails, seems the French are having a go to and I spotted it being discussed across the pond in the US of A.  It makes a simple point but a good one, make things look nice and women will buy them! For me that’s […]

Beer and Carrot Cake

August 30, 2009


Followed the example today of my good friend Kate and decided to do some home baking (domestic goddess I am not) and whipped up a scrummy carrot cake. Have paired it with a bottle of Brewdog’s Hardcore IPA, that I picked up from Sainsburys today as part of their 2009 beer competition. Tis delicious. Wonder […]

Fact: Drinkers Have More Fun……

August 29, 2009


Wine, Pizza and Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake Belly………..

August 29, 2009


Just sat considering joining Weight Watchers for the 345th time (mainly because if my fingers are googling they can’t be getting food out of the fridge!!) and came across these Top Tips from WW on beating the beer belly. Now what gets me is the continual bashing that beer gets for being the reason lardys like me […]

Oh what a night…………

August 28, 2009


Now I know that I am very lucky to have such a great job (what with spending all day talking about beer) but there are sometimes when it exceeds all of my expectations and is just amazing!! This week I tripped along to the first ever BitterSweet Partnership Garden Party to spend the evening with […]

Musings of a cab driver……..

August 26, 2009


Just had an ‘interesting’ debate in the back of a black cab with the driver (although it made a rare change to find a chatty one) on my way to a meeting. Him, ‘Down here working, what is you do luv?’ Me ‘I work for a brewery’…’s often the easiest answer I find, I was […]

Festivals and Famous Faces

August 24, 2009


I spotted this article in the newspapers in the weekend round up of V Festival coverage AMY WINEHOUSE made a triumphant return to the V Festival last night, telling me over a beer later: “It feels great to be back!” Now I’m not suggesting that Amy is a role model for beer drinking (although she […]