Festivals and Famous Faces

Posted on August 24, 2009


I spotted this article in the newspapers in the weekend round up of V Festival coverage

AMY WINEHOUSE made a triumphant return to the V Festival last night, telling me over a beer later: “It feels great to be back!”

Now I’m not suggesting that Amy is a role model for beer drinking (although she does look better on it!) but it did get me thinking how rarely female celebrities are photographed drinking a beer and when they are it’s normally at a festival.

And the Love Beer research at BitterSweet echoed this, showing that a third of the women surveyed chose beer over and above other drinks at festivals but would be embarrassed normally to order it in the pub.

So what is it that makes it more socially acceptable to enjoy a pint over festival season? My hunch is that women really get the functional benefits of beer, that it’s lower in ABV and really refreshing, that make it the perfect choice for a long, hot weekend. But what about the taste, could it be that women actually do like the taste of beer after all? I find it hard to believe anyone would spend 2 days drinking something they didn’t like the taste of!!


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