A Ginger Journey…………….

Posted on September 8, 2009


I like ginger, I really do, ginger biscuits, crystallized ginger, ginger cake and I love it in a stir-fry but never have I been able to stomach ginger beer – with or without alcohol.
But this week ginger seems to keep creeping into my conversations. Yesterday I had a long overdue catch up with an old friend about how well Crabbies is doing for Halewood in tough market times and a tweet this morning promises a an interesting review of Ginger and Chilli Beer and I’m working on some Cobra stuff this morning (just as soon as I post this – nobody tell!!) who of course do a Cobra Bite with Fresh Ginger. So I’ve decided that all of these thing’s can’t be a coincidence and fate wants me to learn to love ginger beer so I’m going to have a try.
Going to start with Fentimens Ginger Beer (it’s early yet) – which must be good if Dave stocks it at the Woolpack and going to try and track down any beers with ginger in – any recommendations welcome!!
P.S. Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting jokes at the expense of gingers – you can always laugh at some ginger kids here or here