Frothy Moth, flutter off

Posted on September 13, 2009


On one of my few trips outside the house this flu ridden week I picked up 2 new beers from my local Victoria Wine, Frothy Moth 4% from Thwaites and Purity Ubu..

I don’t usually try any local products, I’m too lazy and a slave to commercialism but meeting some new beer fans on Twitter this week made me curious about any local brews that I may have missed on my doorstep. Admittedly Victoria Wine probably isn’t the best place to start but I thought I’d give it a go and asked some advice of what local beers they stocked.

First to try was Frothy Moth, a relatively new brew from Daniel Thwaites of Lancashire (I was confused when they gave me this as well, I’m no geography expert but I’m pretty sure Leamington Spa is not in Lancashire but decided to go with it anyway).

There was very little info I could find out about it before I tried it, Thwaites don’t even mention it on their own site but did find one piece in the MA that made me pretty certain this is a beer aimed at the ladies.

 “We are confident that the combination of a quirky name like Frothy Moth, and lighter style ale will encourage customers who may not currently be drinking ale to give it a try”.

Everything about it suggests they are trying to woo women with this beer but not appear patronizing while they do it – so a Moth and not a Butterfly (cause ladies love flutterbys right) – and a use of language on the label that wouldn’t be out of place in a Mills & Boon – “light and delicate, just like it’s wings” and whilst the typography is quite stylish (my photo doesn’t do it justice) it just feels like it’s trying a little to hard.

And so to the beer itself – it promises to be light and refreshing, and indeed it is, so light it’s almost tasteless. It pours quite flat with a very light head that disappears almost instantly. You can get a hint of the fruity overtones they promise, some mixed fruits and a hint of honey but the mouth feel is very thin and the flavours disappear as quickly as the head did.

So after a week off the beer and disappointing first start – let’s hope the Ubu is more promising.