Stop the press, brewer uses CO2…………….

Posted on September 17, 2009


It seems that CAMRA have seen fit to ban Freedom Brewery from the Burton Beer Festival because they *shock horror* use CO2 and not compressed air……what a load of nonsense!!
I’m not a CAMRA member but I do think generally they can do some good work promoting beer and pubs. But this kind of small minded behaviour that only serves to perpetuate the myth that beer is the sole preserve of bearded, sandal wearing men called Trevor makes my blood boil!!!
Freedom are, I believe, the only micro brewery in the UK that brew just lager and have a couple of cracking organic lagers. I’ve seen them a number of times at shows this year, their beers are great and locally produced and it’s madness that CAMRA would choose not to support a local brewer like this.
Given the amount of pressure that beer industry faces I would’ve thought working together to get more drinkers appreciating beer, any beer, is a much better strategy than this elitist behaviour that only serves to do the beer category more harm than good!!