Beer Swap, I’m In too

Posted on October 26, 2009


I’m still a newbie to the online community so am especially delighted to be asked to take part in an exciting new idea: Beer Swap.which is a bit like Swishing for beer (unless any of the beer community have any size 7 stilettos they’d like to swap???)

The idea is simple, yet brilliant – people often Tweet about great local beers that the rest of us can’t get hold of so you package up 4 of your local beers, send them to someone else and they send you 4 of their local beers back in return, genius!!

Everybody involved in Beer Swap sends their name and address to the organisers (Andy Mogg – @chilliupnorth and Mark Dredge – @markdredge) who then assign each beer swapper a partner and then we all get to try some fantastic new beers we might otherwise miss out on.

I think this is a fantastic use of Social Media, a great way to trial beer and promises to be good fun too. I’m not sure yet what 4 beers I’ll be sending but plan on using this weeks “staycation” to track some good ones down – I don’t think send a 4 pack of Carling is quite what people had in mind…….

Beer swap brought to you by and and the beer swap logo is designed by @robsterowski (I like it – looks a lot like a Grolsch bottle……)

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