Dear Santa, please can I have…………

Posted on November 5, 2009


Clearly I’m all for anything that gets more women choosing beer but sometimes I stumble across things that even I think are a step too far.

So here’s the thought process…….ladies don’t like beer but they do like jewellery so if you combine the two the ladies are bound to love it right… wrong, very wrong.

The first little gem I found were these delightful Beer Cap Earrings  – aren’t they just gawjus!!

I’m all for recycling  but seriously, what would you need to be wearing and where would you be going to think “what would look nice with this, I know the Stella bottle top earrings”

And it doesn’t stop here. Obviously if you were wearing your beer cap earrings you’d want a beer bracelet and beer ring to go with it………..

Fortunately D-Licious Jewellery is here to help with that. Apparently “Dana creates beautiful jewellery using aluminium beer cans and sterling silver”

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