What if White Shield made a lager…..

Posted on November 7, 2009


Well they have and he’s called Bob………..

I was lucky enough to get my paws on a couple of bottles of Best of Burton, a bottle conditioned lager at 5.3% that was brewed by Steve Wellington to raise money for Mencap and it is magnificent.

For some the very idea of a lager would be blasphemy but for me I like lager and I love Worthington White Shield but my only criticism would be that the low level of carbonation and big explosion of hops make it only suitbale for the occasional (but well deserved) treat so this for me is just about perfect.

The beer offers a perfect balance of maltiness and bold hoppiness, that is less of a challenge than the big smell suggests. It’s more tablet than treacle with a soft butter finish to the caramel flavours. The finish was clean with citrus notes and superb mouth feel. I had it with a chicken curry and the extra carbonation did a better job of lifting the flavours and cleanising the palate in between mouthfulls than White Shield would. This to me is a perfect Friday night beer and would be just amazing with fish, chips and curry sauce!!
Sadly this is a one off run although if it went on sale i would buy it for sure. That said you may have noticed that Bob was one of twins and there’s still one left in the kitchen. Maybe, just maybe I could be tempted to part with it for BeerSwap……….
*sorry about the quality of the pictures, may well treat myself to a new phone if I’m going to make a habit of this (any excuse for shopping)
** thanks to Beer Merchants for the glass, if you want to buy beer go to them, they’re the best