Drinking in French France……….

Posted on November 8, 2009


Since I’ve started this blogging thing I’ve not said much about the beers I work on, not really sure why, could be the barage of abuse I get from the beer blogging fraternity (although I think I can handle that!) but I suspect it’s more because I take them a bit for granted.

It’s not that I don’t drink them, I do (well if I’m honest not Stones or Albright) and last night  I revisited Kasteel Cru Rose, a lovely beer of ours that I last drank in the hot tub at The Sanctum Hotel at a party with Kimberley from the Pussycat Dolls (honest, there’s pictures of it here too)

Kasteel Cru Rose is brewed with the natural soft waters of Alsace (I didn’t write that bit, I stole it from the sales presenter but it’s true!) and flavoured with elderberries and elderflowers.

It pours a bright, salmon pink with a bright white head and for a very delicate lager, it packs a lot in, with elderflower flavours at the start moving on to lemon and red apple, but with almost no hop bitterness at the end.

So it’s s surpise that I haven’t had one in such a while if it tastes so good but I blame it on France. Or more specifically  a 2 week camping holiday this summer with my good friends the Walsh’s
One balmy summers evening pre holiday Mark and wI ere waxing lyrical about all the great beer we would seek out on our holidays, Kate suddenly piped up “the only beer I like is Kasteel Cru Rose, shame you can’t get that in France, I’d love to drink that on holiday, if only  there was a way we could get some of that out there……..”

If only, I must have been the only car making the crossing from Dover to Calais loaded up with booze!! But Kate wanted to drink Kasteel Cru Rose and drink it we did, and there lies the problem. It became a ‘holiday’ beer, relegated to the San Miguel cupboard of beers that taste great while you’re on your jolibobs but are never quite the same unless you are sipping them in the early evening warmth watching the sun set over the vinyl of a Eurocamp tent.
And so I haven’t really had one since the summer but last night I just fancied something a little lighter, a little sparklier than normal – it was a Saturday afterall – so I opened a bottle and it was delicious, especially with a handful of black olives (for complimentary food matches think pink – Salmon, Prawns).