Sexy Beer…….

Posted on November 9, 2009


I see little gems like this and I can’t think why it is more women don’t drink beer and think it’s the preserve of loutish, puerile, sun reading, lager louts………You can buy this little beauty over at Amazon for a steal at just £5.50

According to the blurb………

Beer Bottle Holder

“This is the sexiest way to enjoy your favourite bottle of lager! We all know that man’s 2 favourite things are Beer and Boobs, now this bottle holder has ingeniously combined the two! This will provide an overwhelming amount of happiness for any male user! You can hold onto any part of the big busted babe’s body while sipping your beer, without even getting so much as a slap!”

Classy, the gift for the man who has everything…….except taste

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