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Aren’t you that bird off the telly………

December 28, 2009


……sadly no, but for a moment this morning I very nearly became famous with an invite to appear on The Big Questions, a series of moral, ethical and religious debates hosted by Nicky Campbell. It turns out it wasn’t a mistake, they really did want me (I was shocked too) to debate whether the pub is more important […]

My Golden Pint Awards, some may be more popular than others……….

December 27, 2009


So everyone’s been busy doing their reviews of the year so I thought I’d have a go………………………. Best UK Draught Beer: Why Carling of course. Not just because I’m a corporate kiss ass but because if you’re in a pub and you want a pint that you know will taste great time after time Carling […]

Om nom nom, a very nice tea

December 27, 2009


I have been very poor at blogging of late – not that I haven’t tried any new beers worth blogging about, have just been a bit lazy I think,  but it’s Christmas, I’m on my jolliebobs so suddenly I have some time! Tonight’s blog is inspired by nothing more than a nice tea ( I […]