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A Glass Act………………

January 31, 2010


According to the News Of The World, ergo it MUST be true, there are more than 87,000 incidents of violence involving glasses a year – nearly 250 every day costing the NHS, police and courts more than £100 million. The answer to this it seems, is to launch a new toughened pint glass that’s made […]

The views on this blog are "entirely my own and not representative of anybody I work for"…………..

January 27, 2010


I’m certainly not the first person to be upset by Roger Protz (if these comments on his recent Brewdog post are anything to go by) but his article for The Morning Advertiser has really wound me up. Now if this was a corporate blog I’d probably say nothing as the “global giant” that bank rolls my […]

A Girls Guide to Getting Twissed………..

January 27, 2010


When Jorge is older and she tells me she’s off to spend the weekend with a bunch of guys (and a couple of very lovely ladies) that she’s only ever spoken to on the internet I will, of course, lock her in her room and remind her that the internet is full of perverts and […]

Guilty Secrets……..

January 27, 2010


We’ve all got them, those pubs we know we shouldn’t like, we know they’re not very cool and that we’d never take our friends there, but somehow we can’t help liking them. Mine is The Avenue Hotel in down town Leamington Spa, on the “other side” of the river,  shock horror,  where I have been […]

What a bucking idiot………….

January 18, 2010


The news is alive today with stories of Buckfast, the fortified tonic wine made by Benedictine monks, and how it is linked to over 5,000 violent offences in Scotland in the last 3 years. The Scots spend £50k a day on Buckfast and 54% of ‘dangerous litter’ found on Scottish housing estates is empty Buckfast […]

The original but not the best………………….

January 18, 2010


Another night of rubbish on the television so another chance for me to try out a beer shampoo. This time Original Linco Beer Shampoo & Conditioner, a two in one that claims to be “specially developed with special hops” to give extra body and shine. Strangely it only seems to be available to buy in […]

Someone at the Daily Mail must be having an off day…………

January 17, 2010


After a week of alcohol bashing from the press it makes a refreshing change to see an image of a pint of beer being used in a way that I don’t feel the need to complain about! Today’s Daily Mail has run a story that beer could be the latest hope in the war against […]