The Session : New Beer’s Resolutions

Posted on January 1, 2010


Although I’ve already done my roll call of winners for 2009 I’ve spotted this month’s Session being hosted over at Beer For Chicks asking not just for reflections on this year but also looking forward to the year ahead so I thought I could have another stab.

What was your best and worst of beer for 2009? I reckon the best beer discovery was Thornbridge Halcyon, an awe inspiring 7.7% IPA that is literally exploding with hops. Not so successful was the Girardin Gueuze at The White Horse – so sour that I’m still scraping my tongue of the roof of my mouth months later.

What beer mistakes did you make?

Ummmm, well obviously I’ve been a paragon of virtue….;o) Apart from the blue drinks night (or the 12 hour Cobra marathon it could be called) – a learning that some really smooth, light tasting lagers pack more of a punch than you’d expect!!

What beer resolutions do you have for 2010? Easy one this – I’m going to get out more. Sounds simple I know but the reality is I spend an awful lot of time trying new beers on the sofa which will never replace the whole pub experience. This year I am going to stop using the old broken neck as an excuse (admittedly it’s a good one) and get my arse of the sofa into the pub, lots of pubs, different pubs, all over the country. I may even pop in on Woolpack Dave!!

What are your beer regrets and embarrassing moments? See above blue drinks night (what happens on tour thankfully……) but my main regret would be not meeting in the flesh any of the great beer tweeps I’ve met online this year.

What are you hoping to change about your beer experience in 2010? Get out more, try more beer, meet more people and blog about it more….simple!!