BBC, apparently the most creative organisation in the world………….

Posted on January 9, 2010


Alcohol news was on fire yesterday with the publication of the Health Select Commitee report on alcohol. I’m not going to rip apart the report, looks like Pete Brown is gearing up to do a very thorough job of that (and a much better one than I could), but I am really cross at the way the BBC have chosen to report it.

Picked up by Jeff Pickthall, how have the brightsparks at the BBC chosen to illustrate a story calling for a rise on spirits and white cider (which I do think is a good idea and long overdue)……using a pint of course, how typical, how lazy and laughable from an organisation who’s vision claims “to be the most creative organisation in the world”
Being the BBC they are supposed to offer a balanced view so they were asking people to comment on their opinions so I did…………….

“Can I ask why you have chosen to use a picture of beer for this article? Having read the article through several times I still can’t see where beer is mentioned so it would seem that you are trying to deliberately mislead your readers.

Beer is at its lowest level of consumption since the 1930s. It is lower in alcohol, on average, than wine, spirits and cider. Wine and spirits are taking an increasing share of total alcoholic drinks. So if you are looking to depict alcohol misuse it certainly shouldn’t be an image of a pint that you use to represent it.”

Checked back this morning and not only has my comment not been posted they’ve disabled the comment box. Looks like the BBC do welcome opinion, just as long as it matches theirs.