What a bucking idiot………….

Posted on January 18, 2010


The news is alive today with stories of Buckfast, the fortified tonic wine made by Benedictine monks, and how it is linked to over 5,000 violent offences in Scotland in the last 3 years. The Scots spend £50k a day on Buckfast and 54% of ‘dangerous litter’ found on Scottish housing estates is empty Buckfast bottles.
Scots spend more than £50,000 a day on BuckfastNow I’m the first to take umbrage when the BBC attacks alcohol and blaims it for all the ills of society but what’s got my goat today is not the BBC but the idiot distributor, Jim Wilson of J Chandler & Co who is playing straight into the anti alcohol lobbyists hands.
Interviewed for a BBC documentary he came out with the following claiming the Benedictine monks are not to blame for the effects of Buckfast on the outside world………..

“Why should they accept responsibility? They’re not up there pouring their Buckfast down somebody’s throat. People take it by choice because they like it, because it’s a good product.”

Asked if the monks should accept any kind of moral responsibility, Mr Wilson said:

“No, they produce a good product. I drink it. Now, if I thought there was something wrong with it, would I drink it?”

What a fool. Whilst I struggle to believe the monks are completely unaware of the impact alcohol misuse can have on society there is no way that Mr Wilson can claim the same and as a seller of alcohol he absolutley has a moral responsibility to promote a respect for alcohol, something he is not doing by selling a drink that affects the behaviour of consumers, potentially making them anxious and aggressive.and which contains more than 11 units of alcohol, is 15 per cent by volume — and costs just £5.49.
People like this shouldn’t be in the business of selling alcohol and giving the rest of the industry a bad name.