A Glass Act………………

Posted on January 31, 2010


According to the News Of The World, ergo it MUST be true, there are more than 87,000 incidents of violence involving glasses a year – nearly 250 every day costing the NHS, police and courts more than £100 million.

The answer to this it seems, is to launch a new toughened pint glass that’s made with a special toughened glass mixed with plastics so it breaks into tiny pieces instead of dangerous shards that can be used as weapons, a bit like a shatterproof ruler I guess (although whether it’ll be as effective at flicking bits of chewed up paper at Billy Reid during geography remains to be seen).

Now I’m all for making pubs a safe environment but is this really the best solution when I can’t see that it’s going to do an awful lot for beer quality which is enough of a problem already. Added to which is it not just suggesting, yet again, that beer drinkers are responsible for all booze related crime if all that’s needed is a pint glass? Surely if glassware is so dangerous where’s the wine, gin and alcopop version??
I ran city and town centre pubs for nearly 10 years and have been drinking in them for a bit longer (obviously not much longer at my tender age) and have only ever seen one violent incident involving glass,when I was once on the receiving end of a Reef bottle, and I once ran a pub so violent we had a restriction on the license that meant we could only stay open till 9pm so I wonder is it really such a problem?
I don’t know who is launching this new glass (will be awfully embarrassed if it turns out to be me!!) but it makes me cross that yet again it’s positioning beer as the scourge of society. For the drink usually with the lowest ABV  at the bar to introduce a glass that isn’t about improving beer quality is nonsense