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Paris Hilton at it again……….

February 28, 2010


Awhile ago I wrote about the Brazilian beer Devassa  and their choice to hire Paris Hilton as an ‘ambassador’ for their brand.   Devassa, which means sexy in Portuguese,  features a scantily clad lady with come to bed eyes on all of it’s packaging so it’s no surprise that they have produced an advert that features the aforementioned Ms […]

What’s in a price

February 28, 2010


Yesterday I Spotted on Twitter this comment about the difference in pub and supermarket beer pricing which was apparently quoted in a Parliamentary debate on the Future of the Pub………………. “When Labour came to power beer in pubs was priced 2 times the price in supermarkets. Now it is 7 times the price. #ukpubs” According […]

Beer, the choice of women in comfortable shoes……………

February 27, 2010


This week The Ormskirk Baron kindly brought to my attention that  Black Sheep Brewery are hosting a Ladies Food and Beer evening as part of National Cask Ale Week. The idea of a ladies beer tasting event is a great one and one I’m fully behind, with so few women drinking beer anything that makes more try a […]

Gone Bananas…….

February 27, 2010


Bananas are a fruit I struggle with. I know they’re good for me, packed full of vitamins b and c and, as a highly toned athlete, I obviously welcome a rich source of potassium. But bananas present me with a very short window of opportunity, too hard and I gag, too soft, ewwwwwwww, and I […]

The Grauniad Dibnukeng Bree Mthys

February 23, 2010


It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged so apologies if you’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for my latest musings – you can now breathe again. Inspiration was brought to me today by Felicity Cloake  who is debunking beer myths over at The Guardian. Obviously not as big news as Cheryl Cole finally seeing sense and […]

I’m Backing Beer (obviously!)

February 15, 2010


An unashamed corporate plug that I feel very passionate about – if you feel the same then join in. For too long, beer has been competing with major cider brands with one arm tied behind its back – a tax legacy of a bygone era when most cider was produced in small craft presses in […]

Not all coverage is good coverage………………

February 15, 2010


It’s a long proven marketing strategy that celebrity endorsement is a great way of raising awareness for your brand launch (look what George Foreman did for healthy grills) but this latest tie up is proof that you need to pick your celebs very carefully – not all coverage is good coverage afterall.  The always stylish, Paris […]