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Beer Takes Another Bashing

April 21, 2010


According to the Daily Star (I obviously saw it over someone’s shoulder on the tube, it wasn’t my copy) “Binge Drinking Brits like to drink 20 pints of beer a night”. Really?? There must be some phenomenal bladder control out there in that case! Actually no, no cast iron bladders just another tabloid, yet again, […]

This isn’t just beer, this is M&S beer……(sorry, it was too easy)

April 21, 2010


Since Cookie put me over his virtual knee for mentioning the election I thought I’d stick to what I know best – drinking some beer. Never let it be said I don’t have my finger on the pulse when yesterday, just 4 or so months after launch, I got round to trying some of the Marks and […]

A (very) brief foray into politics

April 15, 2010


I’m not much of a political animal and tonight’s first ever live party leader debate clashes with DIY SOS I’m unlikely to see it. If like me you have a secret crush on Nick Knowles (yes, I do realise just how wrong that is) courtesy of the BBPA here are the specific extracts from the three main parties manifestos […]

Pink, the way to a girl’s heart?

April 14, 2010


Hot on the heels of Carlsberg Eve, comes the launch of Carnaby Brown, another brand that seems to think ladies will buy anything as long as it’s pink…..oh please *claps hands together with girlish abandon* can I have a straw in mine, that would be just SO fabulous!! Carnaby Brown promises to plug a gap […]

He marched them up to the top of the hill………

April 13, 2010


Last year The Pub Curmudgeon posed the question “should children be allowed in all areas of pubs?” and 72% of respondents voted no, all pubs should have a child free area, (with a further poll seeing 83% of people claim noisy children as the most off-putting thing in pubs)  and I was one of them – although […]

I’m still backing beer…………

April 8, 2010


Sadly the Government have shelved plans for the “massive” cider duty hike in the run up to the general election no doubt making members of the NACM throw their flatcaps in the air with joy. Good news for cider producers and good news for drinkers too if their chair, Henry Chavillier, is to be believed […]

It’s all Greek to me………….

April 7, 2010


When it comes to naming a beer it’s important to check out how it translates in other languages or markets that you want to export to. We once nearly named a beer, that shall rename nameless, the equivalent of a leading Spanish tampon brand before someone pointed out the error of our ways, but it seems not […]