How to keep a man……….

Posted on April 7, 2010


I haven’t blogged much of late (well at all really), that’s because I’ve been too busy cooking dinners, ironing, darning socks and cleaning the house all whilst maintaining a fresh face of makeup and wearing a full set of Agent Provocateur underwear that I’m ready to allow my hunk of a man to rip off with his teeth whenever the fancy takes him…….
Well if this ad from Stella Artois is to be believed I have…….
Clearly as a woman my only reason for being, like beer, is to please a man……seriously……even someone with my colourful vocabulary doesn’t know enough naughty words to express just how bad this is. There are far better and more creative ways to shoot a beer ad than to rely on the out of date 1970’s sex sells route, Guinness are able to do it with every ad they make, shame that more beer brands don’t follow suit.
Just when I thought nothing could beat the blatant sexism of the Devassa ad along comes this beauty to trump it, shame on you Stella Artois!!