It’s all Greek to me………….

Posted on April 7, 2010


When it comes to naming a beer it’s important to check out how it translates in other languages or markets that you want to export to. We once nearly named a beer, that shall rename nameless, the equivalent of a leading Spanish tampon brand before someone pointed out the error of our ways, but it seems not every brewer goes to the same lenghts to check names.
From the Macedonian Thrace Brewery in Komotini, Greece, comes a beer that promises to taste great, with a top fermenting yeast that offers tastes of cloves and banana. But it’s unlikely that I could ever order one without collapsing into hysterical, childish giggling at the name…..Vergina…….
According to their website, Vergina (sniggers) is available “in the best clubs and cafes in New York and Chicago”  and there are a range of Vergina (hee hee) beers. Hopefully if they ever branch out into the UK they’ll do a little consumer testing first on the name!

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