Pink, the way to a girl’s heart?

Posted on April 14, 2010


Hot on the heels of Carlsberg Eve, comes the launch of Carnaby Brown, another brand that seems to think ladies will buy anything as long as it’s pink…..oh please *claps hands together with girlish abandon* can I have a straw in mine, that would be just SO fabulous!!

Carnaby Brown promises to plug a gap in the market for a women wanting a drink that is as refreshing and has the low ABV of cider but with the sophisticated image of wine. It’s a 5.5% ABV drink made from perry blended with white and Muscat grapes (they are calling it “lightly sparkling fruit wine”) and is available in white and rosé in 75cl Bordeaux-style wine bottles.

Carnaby Brown is the brainchild of one Aisling Young who claims “it’s fruity, it’s pink, it’s girly, it’s fun…” and that it’s been developed after talking to women all over the country – I’d be intrigued to know which women exactly, I can only assume they were ambushing ladies in Bargain Booze as they reached for the Lambrini if this is the outcome. 

Maybe I don’t get it because I’m not target market (bitter, who me???) – it seems they are after 20 to 30-year-old women who want a sociable drink they can share with friends.
Ummmm, hello……..I have this idea…… it’s called beer, the most sociable drink there is. As well as the most refreshing and with a lower ABV to boot, I know which I’d rather choose. 
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