You didn’t think I wouldn’t say anything……..

Posted on August 25, 2010


With my latest foray back into the world of blogging it would be remiss of me not to mention the sexist tripe that is the new Heineken advert.
It is aesthetically very nicely done, clearly they’ve spent some money on it, but seriously, do the marketing team at Heineken still think the only way to sell beer is to continue churning out beer stereotypes that should have been put to bed in the 70s?? Yes ladies like shoes (I have far too many pairs) but essentially this is a big budget version of  Al Murray’s   “Pint for the fella… Glass of white wine/ fruit-based drink for the lady!”
As most big beer brands they are targeting men, why wouldn’t they, that’s who’s drinking the stuff but do they need to constantly do it by alienating women with the stereotype that beer is just for boys? When you see ads like this it’s no surprise that women claim changing the advertising is the single biggest thing that could be done to make beer more appealing to women.
And it can be done, this San Miguel ad is a great example of a stylish beer advert that is targeted squarely at men without the lame, laddish banter we’re more used to. San Miguel haven’t always done such good stuff but this is great example of how beer advertising should be in my book, not only does it not upset anyone it does a great job of making beer look like a premium drink to be savoured – not just a cheap commodity. More of this please!!