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Own Goooale!

May 31, 2012


” Gasp” Pete Brown has joined CAMRA, say it ain’t so!!  It only ruddy is but seemingly not to stealthily get members over to his side ahead of staging a coup, but to get his hands on Tom Stainer’s excellent BEER magazine. If you’ve had your mitts on a copy of BEER you’ll understand his about-face. It’s […]

Backing The Wrong Horse

May 30, 2012


In direct contrast to the Government’s Alcohol Strategy planning to minimise the harmful effects of alcohol advertising Alun Cairns, MP for the Vale of Glamorgan,  is seeking a debate in Parliament’s Westminster Hall to highlight what he sees as the stifling of the alcohol advertising industry. Mr Cairns remembers fondly the Hofmeister Bear ( obviously I’m too […]

No woman, no cry

May 29, 2012


New research from the BBC shows that fewer than a third of the UK’s most influential jobs are held by women, and to my surprise BBC Radio Derby asked for my humble opinion live on the radio this morning. Assuming it was down to my former employ I politely declined but they were insistent they wanted […]

Friday I’m in Love

May 25, 2012


If I concentrate real hard I can just about remember a time in the dim and distant past when Sundays involved no more than sleeping off a hangover in front of the Hollyoaks omnibus before crawling to the pub for a massive roast beef lunch and a few restorative pints (now there’s a beer moment!). […]

Weekend Do’s and Don’ts

May 19, 2012


If you’re wondering what to do this weekend you could do a lot worse than follow the example set by the Black Country Ale Tairsters who have embarked on the world’s longest pub crawl. The six friends from the West Midlands have spent the last 28 years drinking in a different pub every Saturday and […]

Friday I’m in Love

May 18, 2012


Beer advertising can be varied at best. TV is an expensive medium so sadly not open to the smaller craft brewers that might  produce something innovative and stylish so we’re mostly subject to the same old “beers for real men” sexist tripe that so annoys women and puts them off beer altogether. Think Bombardier “Bang […]

Are you a Mallinsons or a Mouse?

May 18, 2012


In the latest round of David v Goliath arguments in the brewing world Ab-InBev are alleged to have threatened to sue Huddersfield based brewery, Mallinsons, for trademark infringement after they have brewed a single hop beer called Stella. Mallinsons is a brewery with a story that excites me a lot. No one tell New Zealand but […]