Oh, What a Beer Beautiful Mornin’

Posted on May 10, 2012


Getting beer on TV is tough, getting beer on mainstream TV is really tough, getting beer on the No1 daytime TV programme targetted at women is equivelent to parting the red sea – believe me, I’ve tried. But somehow marvelous Marverine Cole, the Beer Beauty, made that happen with a sterling performance on yesterday’s This Morning.

About 2 million women watch This Morning and whilst, I find myself “between jobs” it was a rare treat to see beer make the programme and Marverine dispel the beer belly myth, show how well beer matches with food, the depth and breadth of beer styles and choices and how beer. And if that wasn’t enough served in great glasses and showing that beer can be a beautiful, stylish drink – marvellous work.

More of the same please!