Hell Hath No Fury

Posted on May 16, 2012


News has reached me that residents of New Zealand are DISGUSTED and OUTRAGED that a bridal model had been snapped scratching her arse in front of a photographer whilst in her wedding finery.

I exaggerate for effect, seemingly she had committed a much worse lady faux pas and was caught…….wait for it……drinking a bottle of beer……OMG…..have you ever heard of anything more scandalous, the immoral strumpet!! Now arguably raising the top table toast at her wedding you might expect her to be sipping at something a little more refined than swigging straight from the bottle but this was backstage at a bridal show.

What a load of pony – how can it be that still the Al Murray “Glass of White Wine for the Lady” sexist tripe still prevails and women should keep their beer drinking habits under the cover of darkness for fear of causing offence? And seemingly such an offence that the organisers demanded an apology from the news editor for daring to publish such filth, I kid you not!

And it’s not just the New Zealanders that believe women should be supping a Babycham with their pinky out.  Ding asserted on Twitter just a few weeks ago that pubs were a man’s domain and that women shouldn’t pick up a pint (presumably our poor little lady hands couldn’t cope with the weight) and despite my best efforts the man was not for turning.

Could someone please call the 50’s and ask if they want their sexist stereotyping back? What is a real shame is that in the UK  almost 8 out of 10 women (79%) say they seldom or never drink beer and this kind of nonsense won’t help improve that.

Luckily Katrina, the bride in question is a woman of good sense and drinking taste saying,

“I felt more comfortable having a beer than having a wine. ‘So what if I enjoy a Tui over drinking wine and I haven’t hurt anybody doing that. Only a lot of jealous people would be negative, at the end of the day we are meant to be ourselves.’

Well said that woman and a woman after my own heart – pints, halves, thimbles, buckets – beer is there to be enjoyed by everyone, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

What do you think, does a lady and a pint repulse you or is it time we all moved on?