Friday I’m in Love

Posted on May 18, 2012


Beer advertising can be varied at best. TV is an expensive medium so sadly not open to the smaller craft brewers that might  produce something innovative and stylish so we’re mostly subject to the same old “beers for real men” sexist tripe that so annoys women and puts them off beer altogether. Think Bombardier “Bang On” (who made me especially happy with a reference to “fillies” over on Facebook) or this especially misogynistic viral from Newcastle Brown Ale and Fosters’ Brad and Dan who have recently been surrounded by bikini clad lovelies and it’s no wonder that most people think beer is a down market drink that hasn’t moved on from the 70’s.

But occasionally someone breaks through all the knob waving with an advert that reminds you just why beer is so special, why we love it so much and Greene King have done just that with their stunning “Crafted for The Moment” advert.

Shot in the  Hornsey Tavern, North London, the film crew spent hours just filming  people in the pub enjoying a beer  and cut it down to the magical moments that make beer so special – good times with good friends. If beer and pubs ever needed an ad to show its craft and  important social role, this is it.

Unsurprisingly as soon as I tweeted the ad last week I was met with a barrage of “nice ad, shame about the beer” replies. I only knowingly drink Greene King IPA once a year, at the rugby club fireworks, and it’s ok. Not a favourite but I’ve never spat it out either. If if was the first beer that you ever tried would you be horrified, not in the slightest. If you’re a beer drinker it might not be for you but this ad is the most likely I’ve seen in recent times to get people to look at beer differently, to recognise its beauty and try it for the first time. And try for the first time a beer that’s perfectly ok. That is a good thing, for beer and for pubs.

Relax, take a minute to enjoy and then head to the bar.