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Friday I’m in Love

June 22, 2012


I didn’t get this figure on crispbreads alone, I had to really work at it and what better way to keep up the calorie count than a massive helping of Beeramisu *drools*. Over at Serious Eats they have an amazing take on the Italian favourite Tiramisu, replacing the coffee and Marsala with Guinness and Irish […]

I Spy Ted

June 22, 2012


There is a new kid on the block, Flat Cap Beers, and oddly (obviously never having read my in depth “it tastes nice” beer reviews) they kindly posted me a bottle of their first beer, TED, to review. Flat Cap have already caused some consternation in the beer world as they are not a brewery […]

Saisons in the Sun

June 21, 2012


My daughter’s favourite food is spaghetti bolognese, her least favourite tomatoes. As a result the realisation that the tomato is kind of a big deal when it comes to ragu was met with the same horror as the year the ‘tooth fairy’ ruined the magic by drunkenly tripping over the rug and falling asleep on […]

Friday I’m In Love

June 15, 2012


Research shows that people find shopping the beer aisle as exciting as buying tinned veg and, with the stack ’em high, big box approach adopted by most supermarkets, it hardly comes as a surprise. Add to that the fact that 80% of shopping is done by women, 79% of whom never or rarely drink beer, […]

Friday I’m In Love

June 8, 2012


Somehow I’m a late adopter of the iPad – no idea how because now I have one I LOVE it (assuming I’m brave enough to fish it out from under the dirty underwear and crisp packets in the pre teen’s bedroom). I love the iPad almost as much as I love beer, if only there […]

568ml is Not a Pint

June 7, 2012


Hold onto your hacky sacks, Boris is holding a big old sports day and we are all invited. You’re as likely to find me line dancing in a chicken suit to a Chaz and Dave medley as you are watching the Olympics but with only 40 odd sleeps to go there’s no bloody avoiding it! […]

PRs Are People Too

June 4, 2012


Time to face facts…beer brands need bloggers and bloggers need beer brands. Bloggers want interesting, new content to keep readers coming back and to attract more readers and beer brands want to reach out to as many relevant people as possible so it should be a mutually beneficial relationship that leaves both sides with a […]