Friday I’m In Love

Posted on June 1, 2012


Is there a more frustrating after work, saturday afternoon, barbecue cry than “where’s the damn bottle opener”? When you and your beer are ready for drinking the last thing you want to be doing is ferreting down the back of the sofa or rummaging through kitchen utensils you “had to buy” but no longer remember what they do. Fear not my little beer beauties, help is at hand thanks to this gorgeous key chain  bottle opener from girls can tell.

Not only will it open your beer but it’s lovely enough to fit neatly on your key ring without looking out of place and it’s complete with hand drawn diagrams of which glass to drink with which beer and believe me, or if not me Mitch from the Thatchers Arms, glassware really matters.

Now, has anyone seen my keys…….

K x

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