Friday I’m In Love

Posted on June 8, 2012


Somehow I’m a late adopter of the iPad – no idea how because now I have one I LOVE it (assuming I’m brave enough to fish it out from under the dirty underwear and crisp packets in the pre teen’s bedroom).

I love the iPad almost as much as I love beer, if only there was a way to combine the two…..

As luck would have it there is with this divine handmade leather sleeve from Nomad Unlimited. One side is finished in a beautiful rich yellow eco-friendly dye, with a striking hand-drawn barley or wheat design, while the other side is a gorgeous burgundy stone-oiled pull-up leather. The sleeve is lined with a plush microfiber upholstery fabric to keep your iPad safe.

Another one to add to the ever-increasing birthday list!

K x

P.S. Even better, for the more coordinated amongst us there’s a matching iPhone case too, I can wait till Christmas for that though…….

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