Friday I’m In Love

Posted on June 15, 2012


Research shows that people find shopping the beer aisle as exciting as buying tinned veg and, with the stack ’em high, big box approach adopted by most supermarkets, it hardly comes as a surprise. Add to that the fact that 80% of shopping is done by women, 79% of whom never or rarely drink beer,  and its little wonder that trolleys are more likely to be filled with Pinot than Pilsner.

Buying beer as a gift is really hard. Wine conveniently comes in a universally accepted sharing size, the bottle. It doesn’t matter if you’re off to a party of four or forty you can turn up with a bottle of wine without embarrassment. But beer is more tricky – if you take a 4 pack do you look tight? If you take a 24 pack do you look like a lush? And despite all the recent rebrands a big box of beer is never going to make for an attractive present.

Luckily help is at hand from Liquid Treasure in Belper with this adorable beer gift bag. As ever it’s the small independent retailers that show the creativity and fleetness of foot to just make something happen, and something that makes giving and receiving beer a real pleasure. The natural coloured bag comes with strong handles and holds 3 bottles, you can also order it without the pretty bow if you want it a little more manly.

The bag was lovely enough but the even more lovely Debbie had filled it with a selection of beers from nearby Thornbridge. Rumour has it that Thornbridge have become the brewing equivalent of last week’s chip paper as newer, more exciting breweries have hit the market. Madness. Undoubtably some exciting new breweries out there but only when they can do what Thornbridge do, consistently produce great, exciting, award winning beers year after year while managing expansion and the loss of the adorable antipodean (swoons), can they knock Thornbridge off the top spot in my book.