The Session #65: So Lonely

Posted on July 6, 2012


It was only when this month’s Session topic was posed that I realised it’s been some 6 years since I went into a pub on my own, back in the days when I was an account manager forcing my wares on the unsuspecting pubs of the West Midlands. I couldn’t put a finger on why that was but, since these days I have time on my hands, armed with a copy of Heat magazine I headed to the White Horse for a solitary pint.

The White Horse is a pub I frequent regularly. I have had after work drinks, birthday drinks, Christmas drinks, post shopping drinks and lunch, restorative post Saturday night Sunday lunches, just about every occasion you can think of. But always with friends, never alone.

At the bar I ordered a pint of Doom Bar (still loyal) and it was wonderfully kept, all the moreish  bitterness and dry fruits you’d expect if you were drinking it straight from the brewery. As is normal when you have that first mouthful of a great pint I turned to my….oh… mates to express my delight. This didn’t get the experience off to the best start. Feeling already lonely I shuffled off to a table and tried to console myself with Tom Cruise’s marriage woes but it just couldn’t cut the mustard. I’m in a pub, I need conversation and noise and laughter and friends.

Having been asked 3 times if I was waiting for someone I decided enough was enough. I did briefly muse on whether it was because I was a woman, do men on their own in pubs get asked if they’re expecting someone, but I was already too down hearted to wave my burning bra. I don’t care if it’s because I’m a girl, I don’t like being in the pub on my lonesome so me and my no mates got up for a dejected walk home.

In the words of Tandleman, who not only talks sense but craves the attention

…remember beer is a social drink to be enjoyed with friends. It should accompany entertainment, not be, in most cases at least, the actual entertainment itself.”

If you want to wander lonely as a cloud we have been amply provided with vales and hills. The pub is for friends and shared experiences, if you need reminding of its purpose here’s a beautiful reminder from Greene King.


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