It seems from my stats that some people are fool enough to stop by this page so the least I can do is reward them by putting something on it.

My name is Kristy and I am a virgo. In between the homework rows and taxi rota imposed by my darling pre teen daughter I love all things beer (well most things, there are some like the duty escalator that get right on my nerves) and this blog is my chance to share some things with you if you’ve nothing better to read.

I spent some years running pubs before spending 10 years at Molson Coors, the UK’s biggest brewer, in a variety of sales and marketing roles before landing in my spiritual home, communications, which means I do know a little about the subject (but am still learning new stuff every day). I am passionate about beer, pubs, PR and social media and the chance to combine all of those things makes me do a happy dance.

If you’ve a view on what I’m writing about then I’d love it if you leave a comment, my favourite start with “Great post……”, but please remember that I do this for fun so embark on your comments with the same spirit. Be rude or mean and you’ll probably end up in the spam bin.

If you’re a PR then you are a hard working, much misunderstood angel and very welcome to get in touch and send me your news and wares. I write about beer, pubs and women (but only if the latter is related to the former two) so outside of that am unlikely to write about it. But I’m open to offers, if you think what you have could work for both of us then just ask.

It’s lovely to have you on board.

Kristy x

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