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The Session #65: So Lonely

July 6, 2012


It was only when this month’s Session topic was posed that I realised it’s been some 6 years since I went into a pub on my own, back in the days when I was an account manager forcing my wares on the unsuspecting pubs of the West Midlands. I couldn’t put a finger on why […]

The Session #64: Pale in Comparison

June 1, 2012


Love it or loathe it, Lambrini is a massive brand. I kid you not. So successful is it in driving sales for Halewood last year they grew pre tax profits by 25% and lucky Mr Halewood scooped a dividend of nearly £10m. Nice work if you can get it! But would Lambrini be as successful […]

The Session #48 Cask, Keg, Can or Bottle

February 4, 2011


My regular 4 readers have no doubt been crying into their Skol at my lack of writing so will be glad to know Scoop has coaxed me out of retirement for this month’s “session” – where bloggers the world over chunter on about some subject decided by one person. This month’s topic is cask, keg, can or bottle. […]

The Session : New Beer’s Resolutions

January 1, 2010


Although I’ve already done my roll call of winners for 2009 I’ve spotted this month’s Session being hosted over at Beer For Chicks asking not just for reflections on this year but also looking forward to the year ahead so I thought I could have another stab. What was your best and worst of beer for […]